Software localisation

Software localisation

Localisation is a concept that refers to the adaptation of a video game or a computer programme (among other things) to a specific market, taking account of the cultural references and semiotics of the target audience. Localisation is not only focused on the text itself, but also covers images, font type, text direction etc.

Do you need to translate your webpage or your audiovisual content? Not sure what type of translation you need? Get in contact with total confidence and we will explain how you can send us the materials that you want to localise.

We offer a localisation quote tailored to your needs with no obligation or you can also consult our localisation rates.

Software localisation service

LinguaTrans has the support of a team of native translators who will help you achieve your goals. We fully adapt to the client’s needs and we offer you the assurance that you require, because we work with all formats avaliable on the market and we maintain the original layout of the materials you want to localise.

We have expereince in video game localisation and all types of software localisation for top level end clients (Nintendo, PlayStation, Blizzard, etc.).

These are some of the typologies included in software localisation:

Localisation of video games

Localisation of webpages

Localisation of posters

• Localisation of subtitles and dubbing

• Localisation of audiovisual materials

Advertising localisation

If you are looking for the best localisation service, contact the leading agency in the sector. We guarantee the success of your project with localisation that is professional and fully adapted to the target audience’s perspective.

LinguaTrans offers every kind of translation service. If software localisation is not what you are looking for, you can consult all our services in the menu SERVICES / TRANSLATION.