Consecutive interpreting

Our consecutive interpreting service

Consecutive interpreting is suitable for press conferences, institutional statements, and other audiences. The speaker takes a pause, in order for the interpreter to translate, usually in the form of a summary, with the help of notes. The professional interpreters at LinguaTrans have mastered these techniques, and will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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Professional consecutive interpreters

If you are looking for reliable consecutive interpreters, LinguaTrans works exclusively with the best professionals. Given that the word ‘translator’ is often employed when referring to those who interpret (oral translators), we can also use the phrase ‘consecutive translators’ interchangeably. Equally, we would refer to a consecutive interpreting service as a consecutive translation service. As for our rates, they depend on the specifics of the event, and we are at your disposal to indicate the best rates for consecutive interpretation (or, if you prefer, consecutive translation).