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Our language training service

Nowadays, there is no longer a need to have to explain the importance of learning a new language. It is no longer a question of talking about the future, but about the present reality in which we live: a global village in which its citizens are able to appreciate other cultures, and communicate with one another. Nor is it possible to conceive of a professional in any field of work, who has not at the very least become proficient in English, the authentic lingua franca of our times. At LinguaTrans, we have an excellent range of teachers for whichever language you desire.


We provide on-site training services in Logroño and the surrounding municipalities.


In most cases, the courses will take place within the client’s property/premises. This has two main advantages:

We are able to effortlessly maintain a high level of concentration throughout the classes, as well as rapidly adapt the course to the real needs of the client(s).

Thanks to the fact that the participants do not have to move from the workplace, management is simplified, and the cost in human resources for the company is reduced.


Human resources represent a company’s greatest asset. It is essential that their skills are in line with the market trend, which is characterised by the internationalisation of economic exchanges. Therefore, improving the language skills of your staff means increasing your company’s competitiveness, opening doors to new markets, adding value and multiplying your company’s chances of success. This is the most profitable investment you can make, an essential step for your company to continue to progress once the language barrier has been overcome.


We specialise in language training for private companies and public bodies, adapted to specific objectives such as obtaining a certain level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (level B1, B2, etc.). We only work with native teachers who have the training and experience to give efficient, dynamic and personalised classes. Thanks to our courses, our clients absorb far more than just vocabulary and grammar: by transcending the superficial and anecdotal, they gain a greater understanding of the English-speaking culture. We use a range of modern and varied resources, so that our clientele both understand and assimilate the real use of the language in diverse contexts. Please, get in touch and tell us what you need. We will dedicate our best teachers to travel to your premises at the time that best suits you.


They are divided into three main phases:

  • An initial evaluation
    Firstly, a test is carried out to determine the level of each student, as dividing students into different groups based on their ability permits each teacher to rapidly adapt the methodology, material and rhythm of their class, in order to maximise efficiency. This is the official proof of one of the best language training publishers, and allows us to carry out this initial distribution quickly and efficiently.
  • The teaching of classes
    Once the students have been divided into groups based on their level, the lessons are taught according to the objectives previously agreed with the client.
  • Final evaluation
    It is very important to know the progress of each student in all aspects of the language learning process: oral/written comprehension and oral/written expression. Therefore, once the course has been completed, we provide a brief didactic report concerning the students’ progress.


We only use educational material of the highest order, developed by one of the most prestigious publishers in the sector. These are resources specially designed for Spanish-speaking students, thanks to the fact that they address specific, contrasting characteristics between our language and others: typical stumbling blocks, false friends, etc. The material is effective, dynamic and enjoyable. Proof of this material’s effectiveness stems from the extensive experience of the publishing house, which is widely recognised within the field of language teaching.


One of the features that most contributes to the success of our methodology is the fact that only the language being taught (English, French, etc.) is spoken during the classes. The use of Spanish is prohibited, in order to achieve two essential objectives:

To maximise time spent in contact with the language
The student is immersed in a communicative environment in which only the language being studied is used. This allows the student to focus all their attention on understanding both their teacher and classmates, as well as any written or audio-visual material. What is more, it allows access at any times to as many lexicons, structures, etc. as possible.

Actively practicing the language
By doing so, it is possible for the students to improve the way in which they express themselves, which is usually the most challenging skill to master. Many students have an acceptable level of comprehension, but are frequently unable to properly express themselves in the target language. Through encouraging healthy competition, the students are able to communicate effectively in any situation. Every time a word, syntactic structure or any other resource is put into practice, the neural processes needed to speed up and facilitate its real application in the future are reinforced.


You can tell us what you need by email or telephone. If you prefer, we can meet with you without charge, and offer our advice. We will respond quickly and make you a competitive proposal fine-tuned to your exact needs. We guarantee your company an excellent return on your investment.

Our language course service

In order to provide training at the level we offer and demand, we focus our language training service solely in and around our geographical area. That is why we give classes, courses and seminars to companies and individuals in La Rioja, especially in the urban area of Logroño.