Simultaneous interpreting

Our simultaneous interpreting service

Simultaneous interpreting is appropriate for talks, conferences, etc. The interpreter, or team of interpreters, will translate what is being said by the speaker, whilst the public listens to this interpretation via headphones. LinguaTrans’ conference interpreters have all the necessary training and experience to ensure the success of your event.

What is more, we also have all the necessary technical equipment for the interpretation: simultaneous interpretation booths, sound equipment for the event, etc. You can rely on the market leader in simultaneous interpreting.

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General and commercial translation service.

The translation of both general and commerical texts is, in a sense, a separate genre in the world of professional translations. It is characterised by a textual style which is relatively simple to grasp (just a series of formal conventions for each language and culture) and moderately difficult terminology. As a result, our general translation rates are the cheapest we offer, since we are able to work at a faster pace than with other, more challenging types of translation. As far as commercial translations are concerned, LinguaTrans translators take particular account of all the factors that influence the quality of a translation: the context, cultural references, the target audience…

We understand that your company’s image, as well as the effect you will have on your clientele, are at stake. That is why our qualified translators respect the meaning of a text, and provide the creativity necessary to produce a translation which perfectly fits the brief. The reader views the translated texts as if they were written outright in the target language.