Simulataneous interpreting

Simulataneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting involves directly communicating the content of a speaker’s dialogue, in other words, reproducing the dialogue in another language in real time. To carry out a simultaneous interpretation technical equipment  is required to make this complicated task possible, which can include interpretation booths, transmitters and portable receivers, sound systems, etc. The interpreter or team of interpreters translate what is being said by speaker, whilst the public listens to the interpretation through headphones, which ensures that the dialogue is not interrupted at any point. Thanks to this, the total duration of the operation is not increased. This type of interpreting (oral translation) was first used in Nuremberg courts during the Second World War and subsequently the UN started to use it.

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At LinguaTrans we are aware of the great difficulties that this type of interpreting involves and of the consequent shortage of professionals in the sector who provide quality service. Therefore, we are meticulous when it comes to choosing our interpreters (translators) and we only work with the best simultaneous interpreters who have extensively demonstrated their capability at top level events.

We also offer all the technical equipment necessary for carrying out the interpretation: portable transmitter and receivers, simultaneous interpretation booths, sound system, etc. 

These are some of the typology involved in simultaneous interpreting:

• Interpreting at congresses

Interpreting at conferences

• Interpreting declarations

• Interpreting at events

Interpreting at weddings

• Interpreting in workshops

• Interpreting in meetings

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