Proofreading Service

Our Proofreading Service

It can be difficult for the author of a text to detect all the errors they may have made. The majority will most likely go unnoticed, but a review by a second professional ensures that the objective of producing grammatically correct, high-quality texts, ready to be published on your website, in your magazine, etc., is met.

We review all types of documents, in any language, thoroughly and exhaustively, applying the latest orthographic rules.

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Text revision service

A distinction should be made between the style review and spelling review. Whilst the former relates to improving the fluidity of a text and providing it with certain characteristics, the spelling review rectifies any spelling and typographical mistakes a text may have, ensuring that it conforms to the latest orthographic rules. LinguaTrans bases its reviews on the standards dictated by the main regulatory authorities of each language, and guarantees that all your texts and translations will have the style and quality you desire.