Our Voice-Overs

Voice-overs can be seen as the opposite of transcriptions, given that they consist of recording a document orally from a written text. LinguaTrans can provide voice-overs in every language we cover. Just ask us for a voice sample from one of our professionals, and you will be impressed at the speed and simplicity of the process, as well as our artists’ quality and expertise. In just a short space of time, you will receive your voice-over in your preferred format.

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Our voice-over service

In order to provide such a service, you need to have all the necessary technical equipment, and above all, a team of professional voice-over artists. Our voice-over artists stand out thanks to the quality of their voice, their diction and an interpretive talent, with which they are able to translate your idea across into the target culture, thus replicating the exact effect it would have in the original language. Feel free to ask us anything about our voice-over service, hassle-free. When it comes to our voice-over artists, only the best will do.