Subtitling is a form of audiovisual translation that involves inserting subtitles (text) into specific audiovisual material. The main methods are: interlinguistics, in which text is translated into a language other than the original; and interlinguistics or transcription which consists of converting the content of an oral text into a written text using the same language.

The strategies which the translator must use when subtitling aim to ensure that the subtitle language is natural and adapted to the appropriate register, whilst also getting across cultural references and set phrases in the original language. In addition, another difficulty of subtitling is that the translator must ensure that the information contained in the subtitles is transmitted at the same time as the original audio, consequentially requiring the use of division techniques and dividing dialogue into seperate blocks. This process requires an important synthesis of the dialogue to allow for easy reading.

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Subtitling service

At LinguaTrans we know that subtitle use is thriving, thanks to increasingly widespread digital platforms offering audiovisual content. Therefore, we work with translators who specialise in subtitling, we use the best software on the market and we work with all kinds of formats.

These are some of the typologies included in subtitling:

• Film subtitling

• Subtitling for series

• Interlinguistic subtitling (transcription)

• Subtitling for documentaries

• Subtitle adjustment

• Video subtitling

• TV programme subtitling

• Subtitles for the hard of hearing

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