Our subtitling service

Subtitling is a method of audiovisual translation in full apogee, in essence due to its widepsread use in DVDs and other digital mediums. At LinguaTrans, we use the best available software on the market, as well as our wealth of experience in translating, in order to syncronise and insert subtitles into various forms of video, films, documentaries, series… We insert perfectly syncronised subtitles into any format.

Perhaps the most decisive phase of the procedure is the process of spotting, which consists of dividing dialogue into separate, individual blocks, each of which will have a single or double subtitle. It should be noted that when subtitling, subtitles need to be perfectly synchronised with the dialogue, in order to make the final product as comfortable as possible to read.

Please feel free to contact us. We will explain to you how to send us your material in any format, and provide you with a quote specific to your requirements.

Subtitling service

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