Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting


Telephone interpreting is a service which is based on interpreting a conversation between two people who do not speak the same language, by telephonic means. This enables interpreting (oral translation) services to take place all over the world and between all kinds of conversation partners. It is a very economical and interesting option, as it allows you to save on travel expenses, accommodation, allowances, etc. Given the global health situation, it is the ideal way of contacting clients, suppliers, companies, etc. without needing to travel. In addition, thanks to new technology, this type of interpreting can adapt to other telematic call methods which do not require coverage, but only an internet connection. Given the current global circumstances, telephone interpreting is the ideal option to ensure that your business can carry on or take the leap towards internationalisation.

Do you need to hold a conversation with someone who does not speak the same language as you? Are you suffering set backs due to mobility restrictions and unable to meet up physically with clients, associates, etc.? Don’t worry, contact LinguaTrans and we will offer you advice and the best service for your needs.

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Thanks to LinguaTrans expert systems, it will feel as if you are speaking the same language as your conversation partner. Remember that we speak both your language and that of your client, so we can help you to break down any linguistic barriers and push the limits of your business.

We know that the world pandemic has changed the way we communicate and also the way we interpret (translate); therefore at LinguaTrans we work with all the avaliable call platforms on the market, you only have to decide which one you want to use. We can organise a telephone call between three or more groups in which our interpreters will act as a link between the participants.

These are some of the typologies involved in telephone interpreting:

• Interpreting telephone calls (coverage)

• Interpreting telephone calls made through apps (WhatsappTelegramSignal, etc.)

• Video call interpreting (ZoomSkypeWechatFacebookFaceTime, etc.)

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LinguaTrans offers every kind of interpreting service (oral translation). If this type of interpreting is not what you are looking for, you can consult all our services in the menu SERVICES / INTERPRETING.