Translation of birth certificates

Translation of birth certificates


A birth certificate is an official document delivered by the General Register Office which provides administrative proof of a new birth. A birth certificate is obtained when parents report the birth of their child at the local register office within 42 days or at the hospital before the mother leaves. It contains information about the child such as, name and surname, place, and date of birth, as well as the mother’s name and place of birth, and if a father is included on the entry, his name and place of birth also appear.
This document is very important as it is required for a number of legal and administrative procedures. It can be requested for the creation of identity papers such as an identity document, a passport or a family record book, but also for a civil marriage or divorce. It can also entitle the child to social security and free education. In other words, it is essential to assert someone’s rights.

Therefore, this document is so important that, its translation becomes very useful, even indispensable, especially if one is living in a foreign country temporarily or permanently.
In many countries, to enable the local authorities to recognise a birth certificate, it must be translated by a sworn translator, that needs to be approved by an official authority. In the UK however, there are no sworn translators. A translation can be certified by any translator or translation company. To do so, the translator must accompany the translation of the statement: “true and accurate translation of the original document”, followed by the date and signature. If the translation is not certified, the document might not be recognised in some countries.

This is why, sworn translators are essential in many countries because, they enable a certified translation of official documents and legal acts, such as birth certificates, in another language. Their official certification will guarantee you authentic and recognised translations.




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