Website translation


The translation of webpages is more complex than the translation of standard texts, particularly because not only the visible content (text) of your website is translated, but also the invisible content. This invisible content uses HTML language to reference the tags, key words, textual typology, etc. and they are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation), namely, to obtain a better positioning in search engines.

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Your webpage or your internet profile is your showcase to the world. In the majority of cases, it is the one thing that your potential clients or collaborators know about you, your professional activity or your company. At LinguaTrans we are fully aware of this, so we not only translate, but also advise you to take the leap towards globalisation with texts that are fluent and natural in different languages that are adapted to the targeted markets.

At LinguaTrans we offer an exclusive search engine positioning service, that involves optimising the textual content and programming of a website so that it appears among the first search engine results by determined key words. This is possible because we rely on a network of professional translators who know the ins and outs of internet language perfectly and who have extensive knowledge of SEO.

These are some of the typologies included in the translation of websites:

• Translation of webpages

• Translation of emails

• Translation of forums

• Translation of digital newspapers

• Translation of digital magazines

• Translation of blog posts

• Translation of portfolios

• Web applications translation

• Translation of the content of messaging apps (WhatsappWechatTelegram, etc.)

• Translation of profiles on professional platforms (LinkedInInfoJobs, Adecco, etc.)

• Translation of content from social media networks (FacebookYoutubeInstagramTwitter, etc.)

LinguaTrans provides every kind of translation service. If webpage translation is not what you are looking for, you can consult all our services in the menu SERVICES / TRANSLATION.