General/Commercial translation service

At our translation agency, we think it is important to openly and clearly outline the translation rates we offer for each service and language pair. The system is based on a rate per source word, as is customary within the translation industry.

The translation rates listed below correspond to the standard price of non-urgent translations and non-specific texts. There are numerous factors which influence the final cost of a translation, fundamentally, the difficulty of the text and the urgency with which it needs to be completed. We also take into account factors such as the format of every file we receive, which may be need to be converted into an editable format.

Please use the CONTACT US section regarding any doubts you may have over our translation rates and the manner in which we calculate the cost of a translation.

Language combinationPrice per word
English to Basque Translation0.09 €
English to Bengali Translation0.15 €
English to Burmese Translation0.15 €
English to Cantonese Translation0.15 €
English to Catalan Translation0.09 €
English to Chinese Translation0.15 €
English to Danish Translation0.15 €
English to Dutch Translation0.15 €
English to Estonian Translation0.15 €
English to Finnish Translation0.15 €
English to Flemish Translation0.15 €
English to French Translation0.11 €
English to Hausa Translation0.15 €
English to Hindi Translation0.15 €
English to Hungarian Translation0.15 €
English to Igbo Translation0.15 €
English to Indonesian Translation0.15 €
English to Italian Translation0.09 €
English to Japanese Translation0.15 €
English to Korean Translation0.15 €
English to Kyrgyz Translation0.15 €
English to Mongolian Translation0.15 €
English to Nahuatl Translation0.15 €
English to Nepali Translation0.15 €
English to Norwegian Translation0.15 €
English to Polish Translation0.11 €
English to Portuguese Translation0.09 €
English to Punjabi Translation0.15 €
English to Romanian Translation0.11 €
English to Russian Translation0.11 €
English to Spanish Translation0.08 €
English to Swahili Translation0.15 €
English to Swedish Translation0.15 €
English to Thai Translation0.15 €
English to Turkish Translation0.15 €
English to Ukrainian Translation0.15 €
English to Urdu Translation0.15 €
English to Vietnamese Translation0.15 €

Language combinationPrice per word
Basque to English Translation0.15 €
Bengali to English Translation0.15 €
Burmese to English Translation0.15 €
Cantonese to English Translation0.15 €
Catalan to English Translation0.10 €
Chinese to English Translation0.15 €
Danish to English Translation0.15 €
Dutch to English Translation0.15 €
Estonian to English Translation0.15 €
Finnish to English Translation0.15 €
Flemish to English Translation0.15 €
Hausa to English Translation0.15 €
Hindi to English Translation0.15 €
Hungarian to English Translation0.15 €
Igbo to English Translation0.15 €
Indonesian to English Translation0.15 €
Japanese to English Translation0.15 €
Korean to English Translation0.15 €
Kyrgyz to English Translation0.15 €
Mongolian to English Translation0.15 €
Nahuatl to English Translation0.15 €
Nepali to English Translation0.15 €
Norwegian to English Translation0.15 €
Polish to English Translation0.11 €
Punjabi to English Translation0.15 €
Romanian to English Translation0.14 €
Russian to English Translation0.11 €
Spanish to English Translation0.09 €
Swahili to English Translation0.15 €
Swedish to English Translation0.15 €
Thai to English Translation0.15 €
Turkish to English Translation0.15 €
Ukrainian to English Translation0.15 €
Urdu to English Translation0.15 €
Vietnamese to English Translation0.15 €

Language combinationPrice per word
Arabic to Spanish Translation0.14 €
Basque to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Bengali to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Burmese to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Cantonese to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Catalan to French Translation0.10 €
Catalan to Spanish Translation0.07 €
Chinese to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Danish to Spanish Translation0.12 €
Dutch to Spanish Translation0.12 €
Estonian to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Finnish to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Flemish to Spanish Translation0.12 €
French to Spanish Translation0.08 €
French to Portuguese Translation0.09 €
Galician to Spanish Translation0.08 €
German to Spanish Translation0.11 €
Hausa to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Hindi to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Hungarian to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Igbo to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Indonesian to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Italian to Spanish Translation0.09 €
Japanese to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Korean to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Kyrgyz to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Mongolian to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Nahuatl to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Nepali to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Norwegian to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Polish to Spanish Translation0.10 €
Portuguese to Spanish Translation0.08 €
Punjabi to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Romanian to Spanish Translation0.09 €
Russian to Spanish Translation0.11 €
Spanish to Polish Translation0.10 €
Spanish to Igbo Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Danish Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Cantonese Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Hausa Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Chinese Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Mongolian Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Nepali Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Swahili Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Ukrainian Translation0.15 €
Spanish to German Translation0.12 €
Spanish to Arabic Translation0.14 €
Spanish to Burmese Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Basque Translation0.09 €
Spanish to Portuguese Translation0.09 €
Spanish to Kyrgyz Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Galician Translation0.08 €
Spanish to Romanian Translation0.10 €
Spanish to Turkish Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Indonesian Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Japanese Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Italian Translation0.09 €
Spanish to Catalan Translation0.08 €
Spanish to Estonian Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Hungarian Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Dutch Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Nahuatl Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Punjabi Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Thai Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Vietnamese Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Norwegian Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Flemish Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Bengali Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Korean Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Hindi Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Swedish Translation0.15 €
Spanish to French Translation0.09 €
Spanish to Russian Translation0.10 €
Spanish to Finnish Translation0.15 €
Spanish to Urdu Translation0.15 €
Swahili to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Swedish to Spanish Translation0.12 €
Thai to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Turkish to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Ukrainian to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Urdu to Spanish Translation0.15 €
Vietnamese to Spanish Translation0.15 €

How much is the success of your event worth? We know that you want the best for you and your company, and that is why we offer you the best professional interpreters to guarantee that you achieve your goals. We have the most suitable interpreter, or team of interpreters, for your event.

It is important to underline that LinguaTrans does not raise the price of its service, since our reduced commision comes from the interpreter and not from the price paid by the client.

Our interpretation rates depend on numerous factors like the total number of days spent working, the project’s duration, travel and dietary costs, the expertise required, the language pair… As a result, we encourage you to request an interpretation quote so that we may adjust our market-leading interpretation rates to the characteristics of your specific event.

At LinguaTrans, we have the linguistic service you have been searching for. We understand that you want the best deal possible, without sacrificing on quality, and that is precisely what we offer you. We work in all languages and adapt to the specific service you require, so that you can request a quote with complete confidence and we will advise you free of charge.

How much does a translation cost?

As is customary in the professional translation industry, LinguaTrans applies a rate per word in order to calculate the cost of translation assignments. This pricing system fulfills the objective of providing an adjusted cost based on various parameters, primarily, the estimated time spent working on and reviewing the translation, the difficulty of the text, the urgency with which it needs to be completed, etc.

Even if you do not have any prior knowledge of the world of professional translation, it is easy to appreciate that it does not take the same amount of time to translate a simple business letter as a medical text. Neither does it require the same technical expertise on the part of the professional linguists. As a result, there are approximate rates per language combination and type of assignment, although an extensive analysis of the text is always required in order to determine the final cost. At LinguaTrans, we provide a non-binding quote and, unlike other translation companies, we do publish our translation rates. We know that we offer the most competitive translation rates, whilst simulataneously maintaining the high level of quality which defines us as an agency. Please find our translation rates on this page, and feel free to contact us should you have any queries.