Voice-overs can be seen as the opposite of transcriptions, given that they consist of recording an oral document from a written text. Thanks to the use of new technology and digital formats in today’s society, it is a very common service, because adding a voice to oral files and videos in different languages can be required depending on the intended audience. Good voice quality, pronunciation, diction, fluency, etc. of the speaker are all essential in this type of service, because they are an indicator of the professionalism of your company or professional activity.

Do you need a voice-over for your project? Do you want to find the most appropriate voices for every language? Contact our team in complete confidence and send us your material in any format. We will give you a quote adjusted to your needs. You can request a quote. We will give you a quote adjusted to your needs.

You can request a quote. We will give you a quote adjusted to your needs.


LinguaTrans offers voice-over services in every language. Ask us for a voice sample from one of our professionals and you will be impressed by the speed and simplicity of the process, as well as the quality and talent of our voice-over artists. Within a short period of time, you will receive your voice-over in your preferred format.

At LinguaTrans we assign each project to one of our professional voice-over artists, who are distinguished by their technique and interpretative talent through which they can express your idea in the target culture, therefore creating the same effect as in the original language. 

These are some of the typologies included in voice-overs:

• Voice-overs for advertisement

• Voice-overs for e-learning (teaching through telematic means)

• Voice-overs for telephony

• Voice-overs for tourism services

If you want a professional quality service, count on the leading company in the market.

LinguaTrans ofrece offers every kind of translation and interpreting services. If this is not what you are looking for, you can consult all our services in the menu SERVICES / OTHER SERVICES.