Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpeting consists of translating speech from one langauge to another and it is characterised by the interpreter (translator) taking notes during the speaker’s dialogue and beginning to speak (translating into the audience’s language) when the speaker pauses or has finished the speech, unless there are any questions and answers, in which case he/she will obviosuly translate the other way.. This type of interpreting is the most common for press conferences, institutional statements, public events, trade negotiations, etc. The main advantage of this type of service is that it saves on costs of technical equipment required for simultaneous interpreting. It is worth mentioning that the duration of the event may be lengthened to accommodate for the interventions of the interpreter.

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Professional consecutive interpreters

If you are looking for trustworthy consecutive interpreters, at LinguaTrans we work exclusively with top level professionals. Given that the term translator is often used interchangeably to refer to interpreters (oral translators), consecutive interpreters may also be referred to as consecutive translators. Equally, we can refer to consecutive interpreting services or consecutive translation services. As regards pricing, it depends on the specifics of the event and we are at your disposal to offer the best consecutive interpreting rates (or, if you prefer, consecutive translation rates).

These are the typologies included in consecutive interpreting:

Interpreting at talks

• Interpreting at press conferences

Interpreting at trade negotiations

• Interpreting at events

• Interpreting in meetings

Interpreting in interviews

• Interpreting at presentations

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