Sworn translation

Sworn translation

Sworn translation

Sworn translation is used for texts of an official nature that require the stamp, signature and apostille of a sworn interpreter (sworn translator) in order to be considered valid in the eyes of the public administration of a specific country or a private entity that has previously requested them. They are documents generally required for carrying out formalities in different organisations, including for example universities, courts, foreign offices, consulates, etc. 

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sworn translation services

Translators authorised to translate documents of an official nature must have obtained the official title of sworn translator from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain which authorises them to attest the veracity of the translations they complete. At LinguaTrans we have a team of sworn translators who are experts in the subject and the specific terminology of official texts in order to guarantee the best translation result.

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These are some of the typologies included in sworn translation:

Birth certificate and death certificate translation

Marriage certificate and divorce certificate translation

Translation academic record

• Power of attorney translation

• Translation of wills

• Translation of family records

• Translation of registrations of residency

• Translation of certificates

• Translation of criminal records

• Translation of court sentences

• Statute translation

• Translation of public documents

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