Our Transcriptions

A transcription consists of writing up the contents of an audio or audio-visual resource, so that the resulting written text may subsequently be used. LinguaTrans provides a professional transcription service, which captures the content of conferences, conventions, lectures, talks, speeches, etc., in any language. Once a written version of the original audio or audio-visual resource has been transcribed, it can be translated into one or more target languages. We also provide a written translation service into another language from an audio text, without the need for prior transcription.

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Transcription service

At LinguaTrans we are experienced in the transcription of documents of all kinds and in all languages. If you require the content of an audio resource in writing (for example, the recording of a conference), please do not hesitate to ask us about our transcription service.

These are some of the typologies included in sworn translation:

  • Transcription of audio and video documents

  • Transcription of television programs

  • Transcription of statements and interviews

  • Transcription of meetings and interventions

  • Transcription of phone conversations

  • Transcription of judgements

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