Wedding interpretation

Wedding interpretation


Nowadays, many people travel, work or study abroad and meet new people along the way. Especially within the European Union where travelling and living in its countries has become very simple for EU members. Falling in love in a foreign country is becoming more and more common. In a relationship, language does not stay an obstacle very long, however, communication can be very difficult when each partner’s circle meet. This is why, many people need an interpreter for their wedding. In order to ensure every guest, parent, friend can understand and not feel left out during the ceremony and party, enabling the bride and groom to enjoy their big day with no extra worries.

Interpretation is a very complex type of translation; several kinds of interpretation exist and all have their difficulties. As for other events that need interpretation, the type used depends on the number of guests who need it and budget. If only a couple of guests need a translation in a small ceremony, chuchotage is the best option. It enables the interpreter to sit by the guests and translate in a low voice without disturbing the ceremony, all the while providing the guests with a translation. Moreover, chuchotage does not involve the use of complex material or setting. On the other hand, if it is a ceremony with many guests in need of a translation, simultaneous interpretation will be needed. In order to enable guests to follow the ceremony as everyone else. The interpreter will however need a comfortable setting isolated from the ceremony to avoid disturbing the other guests, and concentrate better. This space must be equipped with a headset to hear the speeches and ceremony, and a microphone to communicate the interpretation simultaneously to guests through headphones.

A wedding is a cultural, oftentimes religious event that requires a translator who can fully understand both cultures, religions and languages. Among the skills an interpreter must have are: linguistic, cultural, memory, rapidity, communication and partiality, organisation, punctuality etc. Moreover, weddings are very emotional events, and these are difficult to render and imitate while interpreting. Only skilled and professional interpreters can translate jokes or beautiful, emotion-filled speeches simultaneously. In order to do so, an interpreter must know how to prepare beforehand, search all the vocabulary, cultural elements and sometimes can have access to the pre-written speeches to have a better idea of every step of the ceremony.




At LinguaTrans we are aware of the specificities of this type of translation, which requires an extensive knowledge and control of both the cultures and languages of the countries involved and possess the skills an interpreter is required to have for this type of event.
This is why we have the most qualified experts in wedding interpretation, in order to ensure the best quality service. Feel free to contact us if you need any information. You can also check our rates or ask for a free quote without obligation.