Translation of divorce certificates

Translation of divorce certificates


A divorce certificate, also known as a decree absolute, is an official document provided by the court of law which legally ends your marriage and concludes divorce procedures. To obtain this document, one of the two partners must apply for the divorce. It certifies the end of a marriage.
There are several types of divorce, a divorce by mutual consent can generally be settled without having to go to court. However, a contested divorce may require discussing the divorce in court to come to an agreement. Depending on the type of divorce, it can have different effects, for example, on the property belonging to both partners, on the children if there are any etc.
The divorce certificate is a legal document necessary to carry out certain administrative procedures. Such as: the termination of a joint investment, pensions and allowances, school enrolments, tax returns and retirement or in certain cases, the remarriage of one of the two ex-partners.

Therefore, the importance of this document is undeniable, and its translation can be very useful, if not indispensable, especially if one of the partners lives in a foreign country temporarily or permanently, or if one of them is of foreign origin. To translate a divorce certificate into another language, a sworn translator, approved by an official authority can be necessary. The sworn translator is able to provide a certified translation, and sign it with an official Stamp. This ensures that the final document is recognised by official authorities in other governments, or abroad, and thus allows you to use it in several situations.

This is why, in order to get a divorce certificate translated and certified in another language, and more generally, all your official documents and legal acts, the role of sworn translators is essential to cross legal borders.



At LinguaTrans, we are aware of the specific nature of this type of translation, and its importance due to the numerous administrative procedures that may require this document. Moreover, it requires particular thoroughness and professionalism, which is why the certification of a sworn translator is needed, they are experts in the field. For this reason, we have the most qualified experts in sworn translation for divorce certificates, to ensure that you receive the best quality service.
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