Translation of death certificates

Translation of death certificates

A death certificate, is an official document issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages which provides a legal document stating a person’s death. This legal document is necessary in order to carry out certain administrative procedures.
The death certificate can be obtained at a local register office, registering the death in the closest office is advisable in order to avoid delays in the paperwork. The following information appears on the document: the date and place of birth, full name of the deceased, age, occupation, cause of death and data related to the informant, such as name, relation to the deceased and address. This document is required to inform all legal entities as well as organisations that need notification, such as the employer, bank, tax office, social security office, pension fund, energy supplier or landlord of their home. This is necessary in order to terminate invoicing, subscriptions, contracts or payments, transferring the responsibility to another person, or simply to inform of the termination.

Thus, when living in a foreign country for a long period of time or in the event of a short-term trip, translating this official document is absolutely essential for several administrative reasons. In many countries, to enable local authorities to recognise a death certificate, it must be translated by a sworn translator, i.e. a translator approved by an official authority. Sworn translators are able to carry out an official certified translation, they can provide an official Stamp which can be used in various situations. Its authenticity will be recognised by all foreign entities.

This is why, the availability of sworn translators is essential when you need to translate your official documents and legal acts such as a death certificate, in order to obtain certified and recognised versions in another language.



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