Translation of CVs and letters of recommendation

Translation of CVs and letters of recommendation


As part of a study programme or professional career, it is becoming increasingly common to go abroad, whether for an internship lasting several months or for a full-time job. The labour market has become more globalized in recent years and having work experience abroad is now an undeniable asset. Therefore, in order to go abroad for a linguistic and professional immersion, an application is required, and nowadays, the most important element of any application is of course the Curriculum Vitae, most often referred to as CV. However, the different elements found in a CV are sometimes specific to a country, for example, the school system. The UK’s school system is different from countries such as France or Spain, therefore it is necessary to know the equivalents, because though some terms might look similar, it is easy to mistake them. Ensuring an accurate translation is essential when someone’s recruitment is at stake. However, some internships or jobs, can require a letter of recommendation among other documents. In this case, translation is necessary when the teacher who wrote it does not speak the language of the destination country.
Furthermore,grants and scholarships make going abroad on an internship much easier. Among the most famous ones are the Erasmus+ grants. They support students who have financial difficulties, so that they can go abroad without having to worry about the cost of travelling or living in a foreign country. This increases the possibility for equal opportunity.

This is why, the translation of CVs and letters of recommendation is essential to offer anyone the opportunity to enrich their professional experience. Having an expert translate a CV helps give the best image to recruiters because these documents will represent the candidate when the employer decides who gets the job. This can greatly increase the number of possibilities coming your way. Moreover, your CV’s layout is also key to make it stand out and this is what a professional translator can help with, for example through graphic design platforms such as Canva.

Thus, the role of translators is essential to ensure a professional translation of a CV and letter of recommendation that will greatly improve a student’s opportunities.




At LinguaTrans, we are aware of the specific nature of this type of translation, which requires a certain level of thoroughness, and of its importance for a student’s future academic or professional career. That is why we have the most qualified experts in translation for CVs and letters of recommendation, to ensure the best quality service.
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