Menu translations

Menu translations


When visiting foreign countries, in order to fully appreciate the culture of the country or region, tasting the local gastronomy is key. Moreover, many establishments and restaurants are listed in internationally recognised guides such as the Michelin Guide. They detail menus, specialities and traditional dishes, and attract customers from all around the world.

To welcome the increasing number of foreigners travelling to visit and taste the local cuisine, restaurant owners need to translate their menus, enabling their establishment to be accessible to a wider public, but also to avoid awkward situations for waiters who would have to translate the contents of a menu to customers who do not speak the same language. The precision and accuracy of a professional translation is all the more important because some dishes and ingredients may present a risk of allergy for a customer, which could be very dangerous if the ingredients are not indicated properly. All restaurants have rules and obligations established by local authorities, regarding several catering aspects. Some countries have even introduced special legislation to ensure that restaurants only use professional translations to avoid any risk related to loss of information, thus, improving tourists’ experience. Furthermore, the precision required for gastronomic translation, especially regarding the appellation and description of dishes, makes it a very subtle kind of art.
Some menus even require specific layout techniques in order to arrange all new elements correctly on the page.

Therefore, the role of translators specialising in this field is essential in order to enable access to gastronomy from all countries and cultures, thus, overcoming the language barrier.




At LinguaTrans, we are aware of the specific nature of this type of translation, since the translator must have a precise knowledge of the products, also, know how to adapt the cultural references, the different appellations and specific notions, and for more gastronomic translations: the material used and preparation methods, etc. They must also be familiar with the marketing aspect of the products’ distribution, especially when words and descriptions are so important. That is why we have the most qualified experts in menu translations, in order to ensure the best quality service.
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